Summertime Means Baseball: The Finger Lake Region is Home to Several Professional Baseball Teams

Baseball is often considered to be the “great American pastime” because it is a game that is beloved by people from many walks of life. Pretty much everywhere you go in America during the summertime you’ll find a group finger lakes vacation rentalsgathering around the ball diamond to have some fun playing a friendly game. Lots of baseball lovers become lifelong fans of a Major League Baseball (MLB) team. However, you don’t have to have an allegiance to any particular team to enjoy going to watch a live game on a sunny day. This is especially true if you are visiting the Finger Lakes region of New York.

When baseball loving guests arrive at their favorite Finger Lakes Rentals vacation spot they are often surprised to find out that they can enjoy live professional baseball. The region is home numerous professional and semi – pro teams including three active MLB affiliate teams that provide plenty of summertime fun for fans.

The three teams are:

Binghamton Mets – AA affiliate of the NY Mets

Rochester Red Wings – AAA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins

Syracuse Chiefs – AAA affiliate of the Washington Nationals

All three are part of the U.S. minor league baseball system. Or, put in more casual terms, they are a farm team for their major league counterparts. Professional farm teams give fans a glimpse of players at different stages of their careers. Affiliate teams are considered training grounds for talented players on the rise. Rookies with potential to play in the major leagues are groomed at the Triple-A level before getting a shot at big league play. You can come out and watch a future sports star in the making.

Another great reason to come to these games is that you get to see popular major league players that are temporarily playing minor league ball. Usually, these guys are recovering from an injury and getting themselves back into tip-top shape.

Minor league baseball offers just as much excitement as any professional game, except you can enjoy all of the fun without shelling out big bucks for seats. All of the Finger Lakes affiliate teams have ongoing special promotions where they give away free hot dogs, cola drinks and various cool items. For instance, the Syracuse Red Wings has a birthday promotion that features balloons, game tickets, your birthday announced to the whole park, a mascot visit, personalized cake and a special gift for the birthday guest of honor.

Celebrity appearances and autograph signings are also popular happenings at the ballpark. But, of course, the main attraction is spending a day watching teams play the time-honored game of baseball. There is nothing quite like sitting in the stand with family and friends as you root for a player to make it safely across home plate.

While you are enjoying your stay at a Finger Lakes Rental property, consider taking a day trip to a nearby stadium to enjoy a professional baseball game. You are sure to have a fun time while seeing some of the game’s best players in action.



Tips to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Home

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Vacation Home

When planning a trip to the Finger Lakes for your next vacation instead of choosing a  hotel room that offers nothing out of the ordinary, you can opt to stay in a luxurious vacation home. Many people have discovered that skaneateles luxury rentalsFinger Lakes vacation rentals like Finger Lakes lodging offer a superior home away from home experience. Keep in mind that most Finger Lakes vacation rentals are lovingly cared for by real homeowners. These owners have invested in local properties because they love the community. The experience is often the same as if you were looking for a place to live, except the stay is only for a short period of time.

The popularity of luxury vacation home renting has grown so much that it has become quite competitive to find a good rental home in the area of your choice. You need to be a bit savvy about researching and renting these days. Not only do you have to compete with other vacationers looking for the best places, you also need to know the location of your potential rental and the local attractions.

Here are some easy tips to keep in mind while looking for a Finger Lakes vacation rental home:


Consider the area that you are visiting. If you are staying in a city like Skaneateles New York, ideally you want the home to be located near the center of activity. Look for homes that are situated near restaurants, shops and places to relax and have fun. The best places are ones where you can leave the home and find plenty of things to do within easy walking distance. If the home is in a rural area, consider how far you would have to travel to participate in any activities. Renting a car should only be needed for special trips. Finger lakes vacation rentals has several luxury rental homes throughout the Finger Lakes to give you the choices you and your family are looking for.


The rental property should provide a thorough listing of all of the amenities associated with the home. Take time to read this section carefully, as this is the specific information you need to help make a good decision about living arrangements. Certain appliances like a dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker or washing machine may be items on your must have list. Other important amenities may be the number of bedrooms and parking.


It is helpful if the listing includes a way that you can determine if the home is available during certain dates. If availability is not evident, there should be an easy way for you to contact the owner to ask for this information. It is best that you begin planning your stay several weeks (or months) in advance to be sure that you can get the dates you want. The most popular homes are going to go fast, especially during the summer and holiday times of year. Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals courteous staff is only a phone call or email away to answer all your questions  about our luxury rentals availability.

Customer Service:

One thing that you should absolutely expect when renting a vacation home is great customer service. Just because this isn’t a Skaneateles hotel doesn’t mean that all of your needs should not be catered to in a professional manner. The best vacation rentals have hands-on owners that are more than happy to answer all of your questions. They also go out of their way to make sure your stay is everything that you desire and more.

Enhance your visit to the Finger Lakes by staying in a beautiful Finger Lakes vacation rentals for the ultimate in cozy home away from home comfort.


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