The Rich History of Skaneateles Lake

While Skaneateles is best known for its beautiful lake, the town itself has a very interesting and long history. The roots of the town can be traced all the way back to 1794. The first people who settled this area had the challenging task of clearing areas of land that could be used for cultivating different crops. Although the area’s heavy forestation made this a difficult task, those who persevered were rewarded with access to very high quality soil. After being part of Marcellus for several decades, Skaneateles became its own distinct town in 1830.

A Thriving Area of Finger Lakes Commerce

Modern Skaneateles is regularly recognized and recommended for the quality of its shops. What’s interesting is while the individual shops haven’t been around for centuries, Skaneateles’ reputation for being a town of commerce does go back that far. The key reason that this village quickly developed into a hotspot for businesses was because of its prime location on the Indian trail. Since this location naturally brought in travelers, it didn’t take long for the town to expand. What began with a single tavern and mercantile business quickly grew into a range of different stores. In addition to the economic benefits, this rapid development also allowed the town to promptly add a church and school. Even though life at the start of the 19th century presented plenty of challenges, Skaneateles created a desirable community for its residents from the very beginning.

Significant Innovation in the Finger Lakes

Long before Silicon Valley was known as the center of US innovation, Skaneateles played its own significant role in creating products that helped to make people more productive. One great example of the village’s innovation came from Amos Miner and his accelerating wheel-head. Miner came up with this idea when he was stuck in bed after being injured while clearing land. Once he regained his health and strength, he patented the product, built a factory and ended up having his invention sold throughout many surrounding areas.

In 1829, the town’s first newspaper was started. Over the next half a century, the village’s primary paper would go through several different phases as a result of healthy competition among multiple publishers. Thanks to the growth of commerce and continued innovation in the area, by 1836, Skaneateles had over 250 homes. Additionally, there were 8 stores, nearly a dozen mills, a library, post office and academy.

Experience Skaneateles’s Rich History for Yourself

Not surprisingly, this article is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Skaneateles’ history and everything the town has to offer. If you’re looking for a place where you and your whole family can have a wonderful Finger Lakes Vacation, you won’t be disappointed by this lovely village. Whether you consider yourself a history buff or simply want to have a fun and relaxing experience in a quaint town, you can count on Skaneateles Lake to deliver the type of time that you want to enjoy.

Places to Stay in the Finger Lakes: Which Option is Right for You?

In addition to deciding how and when you’re going to get there, the other key component of planning a trip to the Finger Lakes is deciding where you’re going to stay. While it’s useful to look into what you want to do during your trip, you can easily change your daily itinerary and fill in any gaps as you go. But when it comes to places to stay, you really need to have those arrangements set in stone prior to your arrival.

Since there are several different types of places where you can stay in Skaneateles and throughout the Finger Lakes region, let’s look at the details of each option:

Finger Lakes Hotels

Larger hotels are known for having very professional staff. If you encounter a problem, they will have a solution. In terms of pricing, hotels can be hit or miss. Depending on how and when you book, you may snag a great deal or get stuck with an average room at a hefty price. And while some rooms do a great job of providing a quiet environment to relax and sleep, others are quite noisy.

Finger Lakes B&B

When you think of a scenic getaway, this may be the first type of lodging that comes to mind. One of the things that can be nice about a B&B is that most owners will go out of their way to provide guests with the absolute best service possible. However, there are some common downsides to this experience. Even if you read online reviews, you never know exactly how this type of lodging is going to be until you arrive.

While hotels go to great lengths to ensure consistency between locations, that’s not something you’re going to get from a B&B. For example, you may not realize that you actually have to share a bathroom with other guests that you don’t know. This ties into the other big potential downside of a Skaneateles bed and breakfast. Even though the idea sounds quaint and pleasant, you may not want to be stuck in such an intimate setting with owners and guests that you don’t know. Despite the fact that friendliness is always a nice gesture, in this setting it can actually take away from your privacy.

Finger Lakes Vacation Rentals

Although vacation rentals are the least known of these options, they’re actually the most attractive. Whether you want to stay in a Skaneateles condo with your significant other or want a house where your entire family can be next to the lake, a Finger Lake vacation rental can provide exactly what you need. One of the best things about this option is it literally allows you to feel like you’re at home. Because you’ll have amenities like a washer, dryer and plenty of kitchen space, you won’t ever feel crammed or frazzled. And since all the space will only be for you and your family, you’ll have as much privacy as you want. If you want to be as comfortable as possible during your Finger Lakes trip, you can’t beat a quality vacation rental.


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