Discover the Finger Lakes with a Trip to Skaneateles This Summer

Maybe you’ve visited the Finger Lakes at other times of the year, have never ventured to this gorgeous part of Central New York, or are considering returning for another beautiful vacation. No matter what draws you to the Finger Lakes, Skaneateles is one village you will not want to miss.

Skaneateles is located on the shores of Skaneateles Lake. One of the most beautiful, clean, clear lakes in the area. The lake side offers beautiful beaches, cruising on the lake in any one of the fine charters offering services, fishing, swimming and sunning all within walking distance of Main Street, Skaneateles.

Finger Lakes Vacation Rentals

No trip to the area is complete without discovering amazing places to stay near the lake. Skaneateles vacation rentals offers luxurious private homes specifically with the vacationer in mind. Our properties are remodeled, well-maintained, and provide you with all the comforts of home plus more. Peace and relaxation abound as you settle in to a Skaneateles luxury rental here in Skaneateles.

We can accommodate couples’ get-away weekends, families looking for a great place to stay as they explore and even large groups here for weddings, receptions, reunions and other events. One of our beautiful homes also is pet friendly with a beautiful fenced in yard for their safety.

Stunning Scenery and Plenty for Everyone

This is the Finger Lakes region. A plethora of activities, wildlife, quaint villages, surprising shops, a growing art community, water-based fun, and enough to keep you busy if that’s what you want to do.

The main routes of NYS 5 and 20 bring you through our great area and even to the Greater Niagara region.

This 135-mile corridor that traverses New York State from east to west is a visitor’s dream come true. Yes, Routes 5 and 20 has something for everyone – wine tasting, antique shops, historic sites, theme parks, four-season outdoor recreation, fine dining and lodging, scenic rural landscapes and quaint villages, festivals and theater. And best of all, you’ve left the expressways to take a drive along an Authentic American Road. Don’t forget to stop for a root beer float, a drive-in movie or to just watch the wildlife. (Courtesy

Skaneateles Lake

Skaneateles is not the longest (Cayuga is), nor is it the deepest (Seneca), but its claim to fame is its crystal-clear water and beautiful small-town setting. The quaint town of Skaneateles on the northern cap of the lake offers residents and visitors a peaceful and friendly atmosphere amidst its historic setting. Tourists come for the unique shops, pubs, dining experiences or cultural festivals and are awestruck by the sparkling blue waters, often called the most beautiful in the world.

The characteristic bluish-green color of the lake is a result of at least 3 factors. The lake is deep, with gorge-like cliffs dropping right off the shore. The clarity of water allows for the easy penetration of blue light waves deep into the lake. These light waves bounce around the deep waters and reflect back. The inability of other wavelengths to penetrate so deeply, leaves just the blue, giving its bluish green glow. Another reason is its hardness; picking up lime and other minerals from the bedrock and tributaries helps accentuate the water’s color. The lake also has a lack of biological systems (microbiological specifically), otherwise common to lakes.

The lake, a water source for the city of Syracuse and surrounding neighborhoods since the 1890s, is considered to be the cleanest of all the Finger Lakes. This status is a fragile one, however. Since the minority of the surrounding watershed properties are undeveloped and over 40% of the surrounding land is agricultural, polluted run-off easily finds its way into the lake. Although volunteer clean-agricultural programs are being encouraged by Cornell University and the State DEC, continued development of the area may threaten the lake’s water quality. Teams of water quality inspectors constantly monitor lake conditions and work with property owners to ensure the quality of the water. Currently the lake maintains its cleanliness and the city of Syracuse takes advantage of this along with the lake’s high elevation and natural water pressure. (Courtesy NYFalls. Com)

Skaneateles Luxury Vacation Rentals

There is nothing quite so enchanting as visiting Skaneateles. Staying with us at one of our beautiful private luxury rental homes will make your vacation here unforgettable. No more squishing into a small motel room with nothing to do. Our homes have been lavishly appointed with everything you will need short of groceries. And with the beautiful, fully-equipped kitchens, planning meals will be a cinch.

Walk out the door to the village and the lake from most of our Finger Lakes luxury rentals and enjoy the time of your life. Absolutely the most perfect vacations in the Finger Lakes are spent right here in Skaneateles.

Call today to reserve your private luxury vacation rental in Skaneateles. We look forward to welcoming you to the area and making your stay here one to keep in your heart forever.


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