Families are Planning Vacations Closer to Home This Summer Due to COVID-19

It seems like the coronavirus just won’t go away no matter how hard we try to stop its spread.  Fewer Americans are flying and more are driving to summer destinations in an attempt to avoid the virus.  After all, who wants to get on a plane and sit shoulder-to-shoulder with someone who might carry and transmit COVID-19?  Your better bet is to head to Skaneateles and other parts of the Finger Lakes for a worry-free getaway.  Head to the Finger Lakes and you will not spend a single second worrying about contracting COVID-19.

Remain Safe and Healthy With the Finger Lakes’ Vast Open Spaces

As we learn more about the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, it is becoming increasingly clear this contagion is primarily transmitted from person-to-person as opposed to surface-to-person.  This means it is in your interest to remain socially distanced to the best of your ability.  It is not possible to socially distance on an airplane yet maintaining at least six feet of space between you and others certainly is possible when visiting Skaneateles and the Finger Lakes.


You can quickly and easily drive to this beautiful part of New York state in your vehicle, book your own spacious room for you and your family or significant other.  This is the perfect way to get some enjoyment out of life during this dark chapter in human history while avoiding close interactions with others.  Though you will certainly see other people during your staycation in “God’s Country” as Finger Lakes vacation rentals are often called, you will still be able to socially distance.

Stay Close to Home This Summer With a Staycation in the Finger Lakes

There is no shame in staying near home this summer.  Why bother risking your health flying or taking a crowded train when you can simply drive to the Finger Lakes for fun in the sun with your family, your  sweetie or on your own?  If you live in New York state or anywhere else in the northeast, you are within a short drive of Skaneateles.  Make the quick jaunt on over to our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals and you will enjoy a truly invaluable peace of mind while having a blast in this absolutely gorgeous part of the state.



Finger Lakes vacation rentals have everything you could hope for.  Whether you are interested in fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, visiting world-class wineries or simply hanging out by the water with loved ones, you can do it at Finger Lakes vacation rentals.

Avoid the Big City This Summer and Fall

This just might be the worst time to be in or near a big city.  Instead of checking out the Big Apple, Chicago or another megacity this summer, make a beeline to our vacation rentals in Skaneateles.  From wellness spas to apple orchards, fishing charters, miniature golf, regular golf and beyond, the Finger Lakes has something for everyone.  Whether you are old, young, middle-aged, a student or fit another demographic, you will find something fun to do at Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals.

Schedule Your Finger Lakes Vacation Rental Today

Skaneateles provides you with an escape from the madness including the dreaded coronavirus.  The Finger Lakes’ natural beauty will take your breath away.  This is worry-free fun as you will have plenty of space between you and other vacationers.  It is time to stop thinking about the pandemic, liberate yourself from the 24-hour news cycle and square your focus on having fun by the water at our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals.  Give us a call at 315-317-8097 to make reservations.

The Finger Lakes are a Great Place to Social Distance as Areas Begin to Re-Open Post COVID-19

Wouldn’t it be nice to get away from it all during these stressful times?  You can do just that with a luxury home vacation rental in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York.  This is your opportunity to get out of the city or suburbs and into the beautiful countryside of Skaneateles.  Take a “staycation” in luxury vacation rentals in Skaneatelesthe visually striking Finger Lakes region and you won’t want to go home.  As is often said, this lush green and water-laden part of New York state truly is “God’s country.”

Social Distance in Comfort in the Lovely Finger Lakes Region

This is the perfect time to get away from people, traffic and the coronavirus.  Head to the countryside with a luxury home vacation rental in the Finger Lakes and you will live like royalty.

Use your mind’s eye to imagine yourself living within walking distance of one of the beautiful Finger Lakes.  You soak up the sun as you lounge by the water with your special someone.  Your daily activities include paddle boating, fishing, swimming, suntanning and 5-star dining.  It simply does not get any better than that.

The best part is you can enjoy these niceties at an affordable price while far away from those city-dwellers who are undoubtedly spreading the coronavirus throughout densely populated urban areas.  Escape the city for the country, spend your days by the water and you will quickly agree this is the best way to social distance as the pandemic comes to an end.

Luxurious Living by the Water

Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals are perfectly positioned right by the water.  You can walk out of your vacation rental’s door and be on the water in seconds.  The icing on the cake is the fact that all the comforts and amenities of the village of Skaneateles are available with a short drive.  Walk around the lake, find your way into the village and you will agree this is the ideal vacation spot as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic.

Skaneateles is small enough to minimize contact with others yet beautiful enough to warrant an extended stay.  Whether you love to swim, boat, fish or simply enjoy living by the water, your experience by the Finger Lakes is sure to prove indelible.

An Endless Number of Things to Do

Though plenty of visitors to Finger Lakes luxury vacation rentals spend the majority of their time by theplaces to rent in Skaneateles water, there are plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun away from the lake.  From fine dining to village shopping, local golf courses, outlet malls and beyond, you will never run out of things to do in the Finger Lakes.  Take a drive through Skaneateles, head toward Keuka Lake, make your way to Seneca Lake and you will find a seemingly endless number of wineries with jaw-dropping natural beauty.  Sample the vino, take a tour and you won’t want to leave the region!

Additional Finger Lakes outdoor attractions include:

  • The stunning hiking trails at Camillus Erie Canal Park
  • Shotwell Park’s gorgeous war memorial
  • Auburn Doubledays baseball games
  • Cruises on Skaneateles Lake and the Erie Canal

A Safe and Clean Space Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that the pandemic is coming to an end, you are probably chomping at the bit to get out of the house.  Choose the Finger Lakes for your vacation and you will enjoy an aesthetically pleasing yet sparsely populated area.  In short, the Finger Lakes area is the antithesis of the big city.  Though there are some people around, they are properly spaced ensuring adequate social distancing.

Make a beeline to the Finger Lakes as the economy reopens and you will find fellow visitors are more interested in enjoying nature than rubbing elbows with one another.  Furthermore, Finger Lakes vacation rentals are sanitized in-depth to ensure guest safety.  Facilities are cleaned every single day in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Staff members practice social distancing and adhere to WHO and CDC’s detailed guidelines pertaining to mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

Reserve Your Finger Lakes Luxury Home Vacation Rental Today

Reserve a luxury home in Skaneateles today and you will agree this is the best place for a vacation following the coronavirus pandemic.  This is your opportunity to reconnect with nature, enjoy some fun in the sun and take in the beauty of God’s Country.

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