Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals Has Your Perfect Luxury Vacation Home in the Skaneateles Area

What’s your idea of a luxury vacation as a deserving break from the long cycle of professional routine? What comes to your mind when you consider a tranquil family reunion, or a sweet-escape retreat with someone special? 

I bet the ideal destination can be described as something memorable, an experience you want to always reminisce about, or somewhere you want to always come back to. When you put all of these together, and you want it by a lakeside, then you’re definitely asking for a uniquely Skaneateles experience.

You can stop wishing for it when you book your stay with us. Finger Lakes Luxury rentals own the most sophisticated Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals that can accommodate any family size and your adorable pets.

Your Perfect Serenity

In the quietness of the lakes, you can hear the chirping of birds to remind you of nature’s bloom. If you need to disconnect from the city’s hustle that characterizes your everyday life, you’ll absolutely love your stay. There are secluded and cozy places in all the homes and they are surrounded by serene views and fire pits to keep you warm while you listen to some good music, read a The Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals Has Your Perfect Luxury Vacation Home in the Skaneateles Area book, or cuddle with that special person. You can take a walk through the quietness of the lake paths, listening to the hummingbirds. And you can also watch the sunrise by the corner of your luxurious room.  

And if you are with your family or with a group, there is no better way to bond than telling stories or jokes by a fireplace on the lakeside. You can sing together, dance together and create some fun memories for a lifetime.

Finger Lakes vacation rentals give you that sense of gratitude and beauty-awareness of yourself and your environment.

Finger Lakes: Your Definition of Sophistication 

In the spirit of memorable vacations, everything around you ought to offer a relaxing experience. That’s why families always choose to relax with style and sophistication for their vacation rentals in Skaneateles

And guess what?

You can swim, fish, or take a boat ride. And after those refreshing outdoor activities, you need to return to a comfy abode- a home. Your choice of sophistication spans through the captivating locations of finger lakes. 

It all depends on how close you want to be to the shore, or how close you want to the beautiful village with restaurants, shopping, wine tours, etc. If you prefer a ranch-style cottage for your vacation home, then you are asking for the Lakewood Lane that’s quietly sitting on the west side of Skaneateles which is 12 minutes away from downtown. Or if you really want to be close to the waters, you are better off with the Redtail Lane that’s only 30 steps away from the water and a 13-minute drive to the village. The Hummingbird Manor offers a spacious environment for the love for space, especially if it’s a group vacation. 

You’ll get everything you want from the Skaneateles village, as long as you choose from any of Finger Lakes vacation homes. Their exquisite building structure and interior finishing is the definition of a first-class experience for a vacation home.

Make Your Vacation Fantasy a Reality

Quit dreaming of enjoying a good boat ride, or golfing, or catching some fish, or swimming in the open lakes. It’s evident that you’d love to lounge in a ranch-style cottage with some cocktails and an interesting book to read, or the scenery of a green landscape to savor. You can spend your time fantasizing about exploring Skaneateles village- the restaurants, the music, the shopping…, or you can book your holiday home for any of Finger lakes’ beautiful homes.

At the end of the day, you deserve that special treat, or the family get-together. No fantasy or imagination beats the reality of the great culture or music of the Skaneateles village. You cannot dream of exploring the quiet walkways, or even the lakeshore. Most of all, why just dream of living in the sophistication of Skaneateles Lake vacation rentals when you can be there?

So consider this your reminder to make that booking today, while there’s still time. For all its worth, you deserve this vacation because you worked for it.

Fall in Love with Skaneateles, New York this February

Deep in the heart of winter, there lies a certain quiet beauty – one that is easy to miss, as we often get caught up in our busy routines. Time seems to slip by quickly — as if there just aren’t enough minutes to get to everything that needs to be done in a day. If this sounds like your life, don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Celebrating love might feel like a hassle, but that is exactly why we need to set aside time for the people (and, let’s be honest, animals) we love. If spring is the season of renewal and growth, the month of February is the perfect time to refocus on what’s important, so you can achieve the intentions you set at the beginning of the year.

Experience the stunning natural beauty, explore the fabulous local scene, and connect with your loved ones in one of our Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals in Skaneateles, NY. 

A Romantic Getaway for Two? Or a Trip for the Whole Family? We’ve Got You Covered

No matter how big your party is or what kinds of fun you’d like to have—when it comes to vacation rentals in Skaneateles, Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals is sure to have something that fits your needs and your budget.

A Romantic Stay at SkaneatelesFor a cozy, romantic getaway, look no further than the Main Street home, a delightful 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom. If you stay here, you and your sweetie will be within walking distance of Lake Skaneateles, and the downtown district! It’s the perfect place to cuddle up in after a long day of exploring everything the Finger Lakes area has to offer (and it’s pet-friendly – your pup is invited, too).

Maybe you’d like to celebrate love by bringing the whole family together. If you’re looking for a 6 Bedroom/4.5 Bathroom stay, The Evans Lodge belongs in the highest tier of Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals. This home has the best of both worlds, as it sits on over 20 private acres, but is only one mile from downtown Skaneateles! Whether you like to spend the day exploring or enjoy a night on the town, this is the perfect place to come home to. Cook together in the fully-stocked kitchen or share meals in our sprawling dining room. When your whole party is tuckered out for the day, enjoy a soak in the beautiful master bath.

Are you looking to make it a Girls’ Trip, or a Guys’ Weekend? There’s nothing wrong with showing love to your friends, whether or not you’re single this holiday season! Whatever size group you’d like to entertain, you’ll find a variety of stays and amenities with us.

Explore and indulge in Skaneateles

After choosing one of our gorgeous Skaneateles Lake vacation rentals, get excited about your trip by planning your itinerary! 

If exploring the great outdoors is on your list, explore the Highland Forest County Park, where you can cross-country ski, bring the kiddos (or embrace your inner child) for some sledding, and maybe even take a horse-drawn sleigh ride (check in advance – these are available on weekends and holidays). For experienced skiers, the Keuka Lake Outlet Trail is one of the best in the state. It is open to the public and free year-round. If you like to ice skate, there are 8 rinks in the area, so you’re sure to find an indoor or outdoor option, whatever the weather!


Are you more interested in exploring the local flavor and seeing what the town has to offer? Doug’s Fish Fry offers fresh seafood, and the Willow Glen Cafe is a family restaurant that offers dine-in and take-out if you’d like to eat in the comfort of your rental.


The Finger Lakes area is also renowned for its wineries – check out the Cayuga Lake area, which offers 5 local wineries alone! And finish off your wine-tasting fun at Anyela’s in Skaneateles.


If you’ll be working remotely while you soak up all Skaneateles has to offer, we would be remiss if we didn’t let you know our Finger Lakes vacation rentals are equipped with complimentary Internet. 

Make Lasting Memories with Your Loved Ones in the Finger Lakes Area This Winter

Escape the grind and the routine as winter draws to a close. Whether you choose to soak up the local shopping and dining or explore the snowy, sparkling outdoors, you will have a beautiful, safe place to land every night in one of our rentals. Come see us in Skaneateles and make memories that will last a lifetime.


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