Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals Will be Waiting For You When COVID-19 is Over

As social restrictions ease and life slowly returns to normal, our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals will be ready and waiting for you. We hope to see you and your families return to the beauty of the Finger Lakes. The last weeks and months of isolation have been hard on everyone. Many of you have spent long places to stay in the Finger Lakes periods away from family, friends, and loved ones, unable to hug or hold them, or even be in the same room with people you usually share meals with, spend time with, and much more.

Celebrating A Return to Normalcy Without the Worry

Our urge as life gets back to normal will be to rush out and celebrate in a lot of ways, but we are being cautioned to proceed with caution. To return to our normal lives, but not attend huge gatherings or go to concerts with 20,000 strangers. That’s why we’re so happy to offer our Finger Lakes vacation rentals to you and your families and friends.

Come stay in any one of our luxury Finger Lakes rentals, where you are surrounded by natural beauty and privacy, not hotel rooms packed with other people. Where you and your loved ones can relax on an uncrowded, pristine stretch of sandy lakeshore or sit on your own, private deck and watch the sunset. Where you can relax in your gourmet kitchen while you cook your own dinner or chow down on a locally made pizza while sipping wine from a local winery. It’s the perfect way to reconnect while easing back into social interaction instead of rushing headlong into it.

Local Businesses

Visiting the Finger Lakes is a wonderful way to get back together with those you haven’t seen in a long time while supporting a local economy. We’re so proud of our local wineries, restaurants, and gift shops, all of whom have suffered during the stay-at-home orders and business closures. As things return to normal, we hope you’ll stop by these local businesses, many of whom went above and beyond to offer take out service and make donations during the worst of the crisis to help others. They would love to help your family celebrate – just let them know if there is a special occasion coming up or an occasion you missed during the lockdown. They’ll be sure to make it special for you now.

Our Homes are Your Homes

When you walk through the doors of any of our vacation rentals in Skaneateles, you’ll be walking into a home as clean as your own. Although the current crisis is past, we will not relax our vigilance. We will continue to clean and disinfect every house using commercial grade cleaners. Every washer and dryer will be disinfected inside and out. Every remote control, light switch, doorknob, and other high touch surfaces will continue to be thoroughly cleaned. The linens will be washed in the hottest water possible. Outside surfaces such as patio furniture, keypads, and firepits will also be cleaned. Your health will continue to be protected moving forward so that we will all be able to put the recent health crisis behind us and relax with our friends and families in comfort and joy.




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