Enjoy a luxury vacation close to home in the Finger Lakes

Enjoy a luxury vacation close to home in the Finger Lakes

Vacation can sometimes come with a hefty price tag, yet still, miss the mark in every category possible. If you’re going to spend the money, why not spend it in style? Stay in a luxurious and beautiful Finger Lakes vacation rental for your next vacation and know that it was money worth spending. Our Skaneateles Luxury Rentals provide you with the best luxury Skaneateles has to offer. Between our ten properties, there is so much to choose from. You will get the best of the best in any one of our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals

Spend some time in Skaneateles

The town of Skaneateles is a hidden gem with so many things to enjoy. There are wineries, skiing, restaurants, shopping, and more. This town boasts some of the best wineries in the area as well as all types of shopping and eating experiences. Check out some antiques that you can’t find anywhere else. There are gourmet foods that are to die for. All of this is located within walking distance or short driving distance of our vacation rentals in Skaneateles

There are also many events and attractions to see while you’re here. No matter what time of year you stay in our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals, there is always an event or attraction to attend so you will never be bored or confined indoors due to weather. You can spend a week here being out every day and there would still be so much more to see. Where you stay when you look for a Finger Lakes vacation rental is important as well- even to the people who love to be out and about. You will need a place to come back to that is comfortable, luxurious, and close to everything you enjoy doing with your guests. 

The beauty of it all 

The beauty of Skaneateles is really a sight to behold- and you can rest assured at all of our vacation rentals in Skaneateles, there is something worth seeing. Each property comes with the most breathtaking views you won’t see anywhere else. There is simply nothing else like it. You can rest assured that each bedroom in one of our beautiful Finger Lakes vacation rentals will have its own awe-inspiring view. It will be hard to pick your favorite! 

Enjoy the LakeOnce you get here, you’ll probably want to spend all of your time exploring the town and surrounding areas, but save some time to sit out by the lake and watch the sunset. You won’t regret it. You only have to see a beautiful lake sunset once to never forget it. This is a perfect place for photographers to visit and get some good footage of nature. Painters and other artists are also welcome to capture the beauty of Skaneateles and get inspired. Just don’t forget to take a walkout in nature and unwind. The options for things to do and things to see in the Finger Lakes are limitless. If there was ever a sign to call and book your vacation, this is it! 


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