A Luxury Vacation Getaway is Closer than you Think

With the current COVID-19 situation, it’s been a while since any of us have been able to plan a luxury vacation, and it will be a while longer until we can travel safely to any far off destination. Cruises will be avacation rentals in the Finger Lakes thing of the past for a while, and air travel just won’t be the same. Fortunately, Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals has plenty of luxury Finger Lakes vacation destinations close to home so you won’t have to board a plane or travel across the country. You won’t need a passport, and you won’t need to cross another country’s borders to find plenty to do within driving distance.

In the Skaneateles area of the Finger Lakes, you’ll be surrounded by sparkling clear waters, beautiful countryside, and incredible destinations all within a day’s drive when you visit our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals.

Air Travel is Less Appealing These Days

Air travel is less attractive these days. Fewer people are interested in traveling to distant countries where there is more potential to be exposed to the novel Coronavirus and other potential health risks. Add to that being trapped in an enclosed space with others who may or may not be carriers in a confined space with recirculated air, and the risk only increases.

Traveling in your own car to a location you’re familiar with in an area close to home sounds much more appealing. You’re traveling in a vehicle with just your family and friends, you stop only when you want to, and you control who you interact with.

Hotels Can Be Scary

While upscale hotels have always seemed to be the epitome of luxury accommodations, in the era of social distancing and renewed interest in sanitizing and disinfecting, this has changed. A hotel that hosts hundreds or even thousands of guests every week may not be your first choice for luxury relaxation when you plan your first vacation after restrictions are lifted.

Stay closer to home in one of our gorgeous vacation rentals in Skaneateles instead. We’ll have your rental professionally cleaned and sanitized before your arrival, and during your sta, the only people using it will be you and your family. No stranger’s germs in the hallways or on the deck. No one you don’t know coughing in the kitchen.

You’re Closer to Home

skaneateles vacation rentals We hope your stay in our Finger Lakes vacation rentals is everything you want it to be – an unforgettable experience filled with memories, joy, and new experiences. But if for any reason you need to head home, you’re only a short drive away. No need for a passport, a plane ride, or a long journey if something comes up that changes your plans. It’s the best of both worlds.

Sometimes you want to venture out and “get away from it all” while still being close to home in case you’re needed. Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals gives you that opportunity with a winning combination of luxurious accommodations surrounded by natural beauty, four-star dining and attractions, and one of the country’s finest wine trails and water sports destinations. When you’re ready for your first post-COVID-19 luxury vacation, we invite you to visit our vacation rentals in Skaneateles for unforgettable luxury close to home.


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