April is the Perfect Time for a Finger Lakes Vacation

Imagine spending your next vacation in the Finger Lakes, as you look for places to stay in the Finger Lakes region! Skaneateles is an adorable, quaint and historic village located on the north shore of Skaneateles Lake. The Lake is 16 miles long and one of the cleanest in the world. This beautiful lakeside village is home to approximately 2700 residents.

places to stay in Finger LakesThe village boasts nationally recognized restaurants, an award-winning spa, winery and school district, historic inn overlooking Skaneateles Lake, 4-star resort, tour boat cruises, art galleries, historical and boat museum, dynamic business community and unique shopping all in walking distance of the lake.

Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals has properties throughout the village and within walking distance of local attractions. With Spring in the air, April is one of the most beautiful times to vacation here and drink in the marvelous colors and scenery.

What To Do in April

The seasons kick off this month with the opening of the waters on Skaneateles Lake. Boating, fishing, cruises…all become go-to attractions here.  Perhaps you are looking to relax and rejuvenate? After a long hard winter, Skaneateles vacation rentals can offer you a stress-free break and get you ready for the coming seasons.

With all the activities to see and do here in Skaneateles, don’t forget some of the beautiful scenery at Carpenter Falls.

Tucked away along the southwest end of Skaneateles Lake, among the vast stretches of cultivated fields in the Skaneateles Highlands, is a little slice of exhilarating wilderness, protected and waiting for you to explore. Although many in the region have heard of or seen pictures of Carpenter Falls, only a small sample have explored further down the Bear Creek Swamp gorge to the several other waterfalls and eventually reach the rewarding view found at the Skaneateles lakeshore.

places to stay in Finger LakesCarpenter Falls is a massive ninety foot waterfall that has carved a notch out of the shelf-like caprock, from which it takes a powerful plunge down crashing into a deep, round pool, frequented by bathers on hot summer days. The more adventurous can shuffle down the steep gorge trail along the southern rim, and check out several other waterfalls, including Angel Falls, a picturesque sixty foot waterfall that begins as a wide ribbon-plunge and ends up cascading over smaller gradual ledges.

Continuing the hike offers glimpses through the thick forest canopy towards the strikingly blue waters of Skaneateles Lake, considered one of the cleanest lakes in the state of New York. A challenging venture onward (and downward) will get you to the Skaneateles shoreline and a spectacular vista. The shoreline is also reachable by road and can be used as a hand boat launch site, for fishing, bird-watching, or for those looking for a workout, a climb upstream.

Or how about starting your vacation off with the 25th Annual Herb and Wine Festival? This is an amazing way to sample some of the most unique and delectable tastes of the region.

April 28th, 2017

Drink. Eat. Garden Repeat.

Get a head start on your herb garden. Collect the potted herbs and veggies featured in all 16 food samples along with the matching recipe collection. As you savor herb-prepared cuisine, you’ll be offered a wine that compliments that dish and be able to take home the recipes, so that you can be the highlight at your next get together. You’ll also be offered up to 3 additional wine tastings.

Herb and Veggies include: Jalapeno Pepper, Marjoram, Iceberg Lettuce, Cilantro, Parsley, Sweet 100s Tomato, Oregano, Celery, Dill, Sage, Roma Tomato, Lavender, Sweet Banana Pepper, Meatball Eggplant, Basil and Chives.

At the end of the event, hand in your ticket to be eligible to win one of our Grand Prizes: The Hotel Ithaca, Finger Lakes Winery Tours, Deerhead Lakeside Restaurant & Bar, Cobtree Vacation Rental Resort, La Tourelle, Cayuga Lake Cabin,s 34 State “Historic Luxury Suites,” 10 Fitch Luxurious Romantic Inn. Finger Lakes Wine Fest Experience!

The Finger Lakes Event Hours: Friday 1-5pm, the following wineries are participating: Treleaven, Long Point, Montezuma, Six Mile Creek. Saturday 10-6pm, ALL 16 wineries are participating. Sunday 10-6pm, ALL 16 wineries are participating.

On Saturday, you can start at 9am at Six Mile Creek, Treleaven and Long Point wineries only.  Find more information at 24th Annual Wine and Herb Festival.

Places to Stay in the Finger Lakes

Hosting many major tourist attractions, Skaneateles offers world-class accommodations and restaurants to suit your needs. But, none more meticulously managed and presented than our unique private vacation rental homes. Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals has thought of everything you will want for that much needed family vacation or romantic getaway.

Our properties offer privacy, all the amenities of home, plus the ambiance of the most beautiful village in the Finger Lakes. April is your starting point to a memorable vacation experience. Please be sure to make your reservations early. We look forward to having you join us and enjoy Springtime in Skaneateles.


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