The Top Things to Do Outdoors in the Finger Lakes During the Winter

Spending your winter vacation in the Finger Lakes is one of the best decisions you can make, if you’re looking for old-fashioned outdoor fun. The skaneateles010608main attraction is the beautiful parks, streams, lakes and forests that abound in this region. If you love the idea of skiing, hiking or simply walking in snow country, you’ll get a kick out of spending time here.

While you’re planning your escape from the usually stresses of everyday life, consider checking out Finger Lakes vacation rentals. We have some awesome luxury places to stay in the Finger Lakes during the winter months that are just as cozy and inviting as home.

Build a Glorious Snowman or Snow Woman

At the very top of our list of fun things to do is a time-honored favorite of young and old – building a snowman. When the white, fluffy stuff comes down and blankets the ground it’s hard to resist the giddy desire to go outdoors and feel it with your hands. There are plenty of areas that are prime snowman building territory. Start out with a small ball of snow and gradually roll it until it grows large enough to form body parts. After you’ve constructed the main body frame, the next fun part is finding creative ways to create his face and arms. Be sure to take a snapshot of your creation and post it on social media so family and friends can see your snowman.

Hey, there’s no rule that says you have to stop at just one snowperson. Build a snow woman, or a group of snow people, each having a unique character trait. Snowman building is one of those activities that make you feel like a kid again – and, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Hit the Ski Slopes

The Finger Lakes has some mighty fine skiing and you can spend lots of time on the powder white slopes when you visit Bristol Mountain. You’ll find plenty of thrills on one of its many slopes and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness. Bristol Mountain has the highest vertical rise 01_img_thbetween the Adirondacks and Rocky Mountains. Best of all, you can ski during the day and evening thanks to night lighting and then warm up in front of a cozy fire at one of our luxury Skaneateles vacation rentals.

Go On a Snowshoe or Walking Hike

If you prefer to walk along a snowy trail and take your time enjoying local wildlife and the forests, visit the Cummings Nature Center. Go on guided snowshoe hikes that provide hikers with plenty of fun exercise and interesting facts about the area. Alternatively, take a winter woods hike and explore areas teeming with deer, woodland animals and native plants.

Take Stunning Photographs of Natural Wonders

There is no beauty like natural beauty and you can capture some amazing snapshots of nature at its most alluring during the winter. Visit local parks that are open during this time of year and you’ll be drawn in by unique ice formations sitting amongst the stark stillness of bare trees. The slow moving waters of a gurgling brook or unfrozen waterfall occasionally break solemn quiet.

Another way to enjoy your stay here is to reserve a warm and cozy condo that is a home away from home. Warm up next to a crackling fire while sipping wine or hot chocolate. Check out these great Skaneateles vacation rental deals.


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