Discover Why People are Getting Away to Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals

Whether you come from a family that has always had a value for travel and natural beauty, or you’d like to start a new tradition, families from across the country are snatching up Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals so they can soak up the last bit of summer or book a great location later in the year. It’s an excellent way to get the family out of the house while there are still a few months of warm weather. 

While you could book vacation rentals in Skaneateles with anyone, why do we suggest you choose us? That’s exactly what today’s blog will cover! We have a strong dedication to the health and safety of our clients and our staff. We also have a wide range of activities for you and your family to make tons of great memories.

Reasons to Book A Family-Friendly Stay-cation with Us

Our Commitment to Health and Safety: We are committed to the health and safety of our clients. We have 24/7 house cleaning and maintenance services based on CDC guidelines. Our staff follows all of the local and federal jurisdictional mandates that may affect your upcoming stay. We want to make sure we’re informed, so you’re informed!

Attractions: There’s a common misconception that “family-friendly” vacations are really only filled with activities that the kids will enjoy. Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals are one of the few options in the area that also offer family-friendly wineries. Depending on where you stay, all of our properties are just a short walk or drive to various attractions. 

The quarantine has started to make many of us feel trapped. The Finger lakes have so many fun outdoor activities, guaranteed to get the kids to put their screens down and enjoy the great outdoors. Camillus Erie Canal Park is an excellent spot for hiking trails, playing frisbee, and having a family picnic. Finger Lakes vacation rentals give you and your family a break from the same four walls, and screens.

Smiling family enjoying winter sports and vacation on snow in mountains in Finger LakesMany families are booking vacation slots now for the holidays to take advantage of our winter activities. Our most popular choices among families are skiing, downhill sledding, tubing, sledding, and ice-skating. Some attractions may not currently be available due to COVID-19. Make sure you call ahead and verify your favorite choices.

Is it time for a Stay-cation?

COVID-19 has caused many of us to pause and reevaluate what truly matters to us most- family! With the kid’s distance learning at the kitchen table and both mom and dad’s home, we’ve all gradually learned to adjust to the new normal. The transition has been met with its fair share of stress. As the city begins to reopen, many families are eager to get out of the house, and stretch their legs, and destress. You can escape all of the COVID madness for a couple of days with the family and unwind at one of our local luxury spas. 

If you’re ready to ditch the city or the suburbs “goodbye,” give Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals a call at (315) 317-8097 or fill out our online form.


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