Taking a “Staycation” During the Time of COVID

With COVID-19 news changing by the day, it can be really tricky for families that are looking to enjoy the holiday season abroad. Countries are constantly updating their travel restrictions, meaning families could lose their deposit on hotels, plane fares, excursions, and other travel-related expenses. We can places to stay in Skaneatelesunderstand why most families are eager to learn more about planning a staycation at one of our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals. We get it! There is an art to having the perfect staycation this holiday season while looking for vacation rentals in Skaneateles. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover a few key do’s and don’ts for having an excellent staycation in the Finger Lakes region.

Travel on Non-Peak Days

Before you decide when to travel, take a look at the calendar. This year Christmas will be on a Friday, and New Year’s Eve will be on a Thursday; those are your peak days. Everyone will want to travel the day before and come home either on the Sunday or Monday after the holiday. If you have a flexible schedule, you can avoid the clogged highways by traveling on a different day. 

Don’t Travel with Tons of Gifts

When traveling by air, there are typically weight restrictions that force families to pack lightly. Luxury staycations are perfect for families with children or couples who love giving gifts because it allows travelers to easily carry more gifts with them. However, try not to overpack!Shop for Gifts while Staying in the Finger Lakes Region Typically, the lighter you can travel, the less stress you’ll have. Plus, if you’ll be driving for a few hours, it can save you a few dollars on your gas bill for the road trip.

We encourage vacationers to take advantage of the amazing location. Instead of buying, wrapping, and packing gifts, you can schedule some time for the family to browse around for presents downtown. There are tons of boutique shops and stores; there’s something for everyone! Look for stores or vendors that also include gift wrapping with each purchase if you’d like to keep your presents a secret.

You can also have the family gather one evening for a “gift-wrapping party” in the spacious and cozy living room. Make some eggnog and cookies while you wrap presents and sing carols by the fireplace. 

Check the Car

Make sure the car is ready for weekend travel! Even if you are only driving a few hours, schedule an appointment for a diagnostic with your local mechanic. Let them know you’re planning on taking a road trip and you’d like to make sure your vehicle is in great condition. Pack an emergency kit in the car with jumper cables, water, flares, blankets, and a flashlight just in case.

Happy Holidays

Family vacations are uniquely special during the holiday season. They’re a chance to make memories, but they can easily cause a lot of unnecessary stress. We can help you unwind for a luxurious weekend while avoiding the traffic and long lines. While staycations in Finger Lakes vacation rentals allow families to take more of Santa’s gifts on the trip than if you were flying, resist the urge to overpack! From all of us here at Finger Lakes Luxury Rentals, we’d like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season! 


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