“Staycations” in the Finger Lakes Becoming More Popular

Could a Staycation be your plan for this summer season?

Staycations are becoming more popular with families in the Finger Lakes area.  With so many events, activities, sports like swimming, fishing and boating, plus the historical significance of the Finger Lakes, many vacationers are turning to staying home and taking day trips to local attractions.

Summer brings many tourists and vacationers to the area who are looking for places to stay in the Finger Lakes.  Skaneateles luxury rentals offers beautifully maintained vacation rentals that could give you that home away from home experience.

staycations finger lakesIf you live and work in the Skaneateles area, you may well be considering staying home this year and planning your trips locally.  A staycation works well for families who wish to save a bit of money to use for other desires and needs.  Taking a vacation at home has many positives.  You will save money by not having to rent a motel room, traveling expenses, food and long hours in the car.

Within a short drive that can easily be accomplished in a day, you have everything from exquisite vineyards, wineries, boating, swimming, historical events, waterfalls, fishing, shopping and many fine restaurants throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Finger Lakes Vacation Rentals

Now, if you are visiting the Skaneateles area for your vacation and are looking for places to stay in the Finger Lakes, perhaps considering Skaneateles luxury rentals would you suit your needs.  We offer some of the most apportioned, well maintained, and beautifully decorated private homes that you can call your own for your vacation.

Our properties are all close to the village or within the village of Skaneateles, are perfect for families and entertaining, and provide a perfect home to call your own.  Staying in one of our luxury rentals will provide you with your own “Staycation” opportunity as day trips around the Finger Lakes area are easily accessible and can bring you days of entertainment.

places to stay in the Finger LakesOf course, you may wish simply to sit back and unwind, with casual meandering through the Village of Skaneateles.  You can browse the quaint and unique shops that line the streets, partake of extraordinary fare at any of the fine restaurants, and enjoy a peaceful time by or on the lake.

Staycations in The Finger Lakes

This summer season may be the perfect time for you to enjoy this popular vacation alternative.  The Finger Lakes area offers more activities within driving distance than you can possibly see all summer. Take a look at some of the events around the region and get started with your plans for a lively and entertaining summer.

Staycations are growing in popularity across the globe.  In European countries, many families are opting to remain in their own comfortable homes and refraining from traveling abroad as is their tradition.  In the United States, the long trips across country or out of the country are also becoming less attractive due to cost and energy required to travel these days.  Staycations can give you lasting memories and save you so much for other things you might need.

If you are looking for places to stay in the Finger Lakes, be sure to check out our Skaneateles luxury rentals as a possible home base for your Staycation in the Finger Lakes.  We look forward to meeting you and knowing you will have an extraordinary vacation.


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