Why Stay in a Stuffy Hotel When You Can Enjoy a Luxury Vacation Home

As you browse around different websites seeking nice places to stay in the Finger Lakes, you’ll notice that there are plenty of hotels in the area. We’re probably not going out on a limb by guessing that renting a hotel room is at the top of your mind. Finding hotel accommodations is what many visitors to our beautiful area do, so you’re actually part of the mainstream of thought. However, just because hotels get image210a lot of publicity, and are the presumed “go to” choice for many vacation travelers, doesn’t mean they are the only choice.

Are hotel rooms really that great?

Hotel rooms are mainly popular because they offer convenience for travelers, but there’s a big drawback to staying in a typical hotel room. One common issue is that rooms tend to be small and you must do your best to maneuver around in cramped quarters. If you’ve ever spent any significant amount of time staying in a hotel room, you understand their space limitations. Basically, you’re living in a bedroom with a small adjacent bathroom. Hotels do their best to make you feel comfortable by throwing in “extras” such as air conditioning, TV and Internet access, but you still have to make due with whatever space they give you.

What if you could stay in a comfortable home away from home?

If you’re fine with living in a single room with one or two beds for the duration of your vacation, then choose any area hotel. However, if you want to experience real comfortable accommodations that are similar to what you experience at home, you owe it to yourself to check out Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals.

What’s the difference between a hotel room and luxury rental?

Good question. One big difference is that staying at a luxury vacation rental gives you ample space to Main-floor-Back-room-with-deck-viewmove around. Instead of a single room, you can roam freely around a home that has a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and more. Imagine not having to stuff your suitcases into a tiny space, or trip over them trying to get to another part of the room.

Just Like Home

When you stay in a luxury rental, you can choose to go out to eat, or stay in and cook breakfast or dinner. There’s room to enjoy a nice meal as you relax on the sofa watching TV. When you look out the window, your view is of a scenic lake and quaint village. Perhaps you’ll cozy up by the fireplace and snuggle with a loved one, or read a book. Rent a home with a patio so you can go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air without having to bother going out in public.
Essentially, staying at a luxury home during your vacation allows you to continue enjoying all the comforts of home life. It’s as if you’re staying with relatives without the relatives being around.
Check out our current Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals and book your spacious home today.

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