A Walking Tour of Skaneateles Reveals a Rich History

If you’re looking for places to stay in the Finger Lakes that are peaceful and filled with rich history, Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals reminds you to look no further than Skaneateles. This quaint village takes its name from the Native American expression for “long lake,” because the town is nestled next streetto a pleasantly long Skaneateles Lake. On crisp, clear days visitors can stroll along the lake and enjoy its scenic beauty, as countless others have done since before there was a town. The lake isn’t the only spot in town to see, you can easily take a casual walking tour around the village for a bit of relaxation and historical enlightenment.

During the early days of the village, people were drawn to its idyllic surroundings, just as many people are today. After its first incorporation as a village in 1833, Skaneateles attracted a number of prominent people who created factories and shops, and built fine homes for their families. Many of these homes are still around and you can gaze at them while walking downtown and neighborhood streets. There are also a good number of stately vintage homes dotting the lakeside areas.

As the village grew in size, vacationers with financial means flocked here to indulge in a water cure established by one Dr. Jackson. During this era, Skaneateles was a popular summer resort spot. Finger Lakes Vacationers stayed in cottages or at a spacious hotel. The special water that provided supposed health cures came from a local mineral spring. While the exact location of some of these old tourists locations are lost to time, you can still enjoy discovering hidden streams and waterfalls in some areas.

The village has put in a lot of effort to restore old homes and buildings to their former state, and you’ll see this up close during your walk. Like many communities in New York State, local residents have a strong commitment to historical preservation of older buildings. This is why the village feels culturally vibrant, even though many structures are over 100 years old. Stop and admire the various architectural styles and details. You’ll appreciate structural details that are no longer a feature of modern architecture.

In Skaneateles, the past meshes beautifully with the present. Village historical accounts note that many colorful and interesting people once graced these village streets, homes, shops, churches and city buildings. We’re happy to say that not too much has changed, except there are many more people living here, and a lot more good people coming here for their relaxation cure. Oh, and you can drive here instead of traveling by horse and buggy – thank goodness.

Take a moment to book one of our cozy Skaneateles vacation rentals today. Enjoy a little history and a whole bunch of recreational fun.

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