Summer is the Perfect Time to Visit Skaneateles New York

Skaneateles New York

Skaneateles is known for being a beautiful gateway to the Finger Lakes. The glimmering centerpiece of this Skaneateles vacation rentalsbucolic town is Skaneateles Lake. The lake stretches out for miles and also has the distinction of being the cleanest of the Finger Lakes. The water is so pure that municipalities don’t even bother to filter it before use. Of course, most people visiting the area are more interested in the lake for beauty and recreation. Since the days when the Iroquois people lived here the lake has always been a focal point. Skaneateles (pronounced: skinny atlas) means “long lake” in the Iroquoian language.

Over the years Skaneateles developed a reputation as an excellent vacation destination. Some families fell in love with the town and built stately homes that still dot the shores of the lake to this day. The town does not have a lot of modern development that would interfere with the pristine beauty of the community. Townspeople prefer maintaining the authentic greenery and lake views for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

Everyone that comes to this wonderful place for summer vacation quickly realizes that it’s economical and smart to rent a home away from home. For those that are taking vacation in late summer, this turns out to be a perfect time of year to seek lodging in a Skaneateles vacation rental . Late summer works out great because the weather is still warm enough to participate in outdoor activities. However, vacationers get to enjoy more of the local flavor without competing with throngs of peak summer visitors.

Staying in a vacation rental home allows you to feel a part of the local community. Skaneateles is one of the most charming places in the Finger Lakes region. Vacationers love strolling through town and browsing all of the specialty shops. Walk through quaint neighborhoods that seem like they’ve been plucked from pictures of old-fashion Americana. Anyone wishing to escape the rat race finds Skaneateles to be the perfect anecdote for the stresses of modern life. Come here only if you have a strong desire to kick back and spend days lazily lounging around like there isn’t a care in the world.

While there enjoy eating at local restaurants and specialty food shops. Wine tasting is a popular local activity. Finger Lakes wines are abundant here so be sure to try as many as possible. Or, you may wish to go to the spa and get pampered before enjoying a magnificent Winemaker Dinner. Many visitors discover a new favorite and just have to take a bottle home.

Other popular activities are boat cruises, star gazing and strolling along the shores of the lake at sunset. Experience local culture through the arts. The local theatre puts on fantastic Broadway plays that run all summer. This area is ripe with history, which is explored by visiting museums or taking a tour. Check our Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals listings for the best Skaneateles vacation homes to see what is available right now.


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