There is still time to enjoy the summer in Skaneateles

Summer is not over until September 22 this year; there is still plenty of time for one last hurrah! Why not spend some summer days at our vacation rentals in Skaneateles? A luxury vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t waste these last sunny days feeling the blues that summer is almost over. 

Spend them having a great time in one of our rentals in the scenic town of Skaneateles. This town is one of the best wine-producing towns this country has ever seen, and yes, we do offer tours! As part of the many attractions we provide, winery tours are one of them, and we just know you’ll enjoy being part of it before the summer is over. With our ten luxury properties, your summer doesn’t have to be something only dreams are made of. Those dreams can become a reality once you make your reservations for a Skaneateles luxury vacation rental.


Take in the beauty 

Enjoy some of the most beautiful scenic lakes and or bustling downtown area when you stay at our Finger Lakes vacation rentals. Whether you choose to stay on one of our lakefront properties or smack in the middle of the downtown Skaneateles area, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful scenery of this town. 

The perfect way to spend your last moments of summer is to enjoy the sunset by the lake or treat yourself to a luxury dining and shopping experience. It is truly beautiful. While the outside is breathtaking, do not forget to marvel at the inside of our vacation rentals in Skaneateles. Our properties are all gorgeous, luxurious, and comfortable enough to feel like you’re right at home, and no two are the same! 

Whatever you’re looking for in a rental, you’re guaranteed to find it in the properties we offer. You can take the whole family for a fun-filled adventure, unwind on a couple’s retreat, or anything in between! Why stay at a stuffy hotel when you can have the whole place to yourself, including an expansive outdoors?

Enjoy your summer 

Enjoy a Glass of Wine at the Finger Lakes

Summer is almost over, but let’s not waste it! There are so many activities offered when you stay at our Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals. During these warmer months, we offer golf, fishing, hiking, swimming, and sailing. This might not be your thing, but that’s alright! We offer more laid-back, cultural activities as well, such as visits to the Harriet Tubman House, The William H. Seward Museum, The Corning Museum of Glass, and the National Women’s Hall of Fame. 

It’s your vacation! We wouldn’t judge you if you wanted to spend your whole vacation by the lakes sipping wine from your Finger Lakes vacation rental. There are plenty of year-round activities and events that you can enjoy this summer, and you’ll love them so much, you’ll want to come back in fall and winter too! In addition, there are many local places to enjoy some fine dining, casual dining, and even some fast food and pizza if you’re just looking to order in. Our vacation rentals in Skaneateles are conveniently located in the heart of the magic. Join us!

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