Skaneateles Lake Turns Into a Winter Wonderland in December

Skaneateles Lake has been described as having a “personality of its own,” and this “long lake” certainly lives up to that description during the winter months. Depending on the time of day you visit the lake, Another-view-of-Skaneateles-Lake-Skaneateles-Lake-Skaneateles-condo-rentalyou’ll see a variety of unforgettable lake views. The lake is a focal point in the small village of Skaneateles, and when you’re right in the midst of this winter wonderland you’ll truly feel transported to a simpler time of life. There is no better place to escape to during your winter break than Skaneateles Lake, and you can choose one of several Skaneateles luxury rentals to live in while you relax near the lake.

Early Morning Lake View
Wake up in the morning to a magnificent view as you gaze outside one of the windows of your luxury rental home. Sip warm coffee, or hot cocoa, and enjoy the mesmerizing colors of the skyline just above the lake. As the sun rises, you’ll see a range of colors including orange, yellow, gray and misty blue.
This early morning winter sky is beautifully reflected on the lake’s glass-like waters, and as you gaze upon the lake you’ll understand why painters and photographers are inspired to capture scenes like this. Perhaps you’ll also be inspired to snap a few quick pictures to remember your days spent relaxing and enjoying this special lake.

Serene Winter Daytime View
Getting an up close and personal view of this gorgeous lake is one of the main reasons to stay in Skaneateles at one of our Skaneateles luxury rental homes during your winter break. Throw on a warm coat and a snug pair of gloves and go for a stroll along the lake. Take a break from walking and sit at one of the park benches strewn along the lakefront walking path. When you do you’ll likely feel the most wonderful sense of serenity. Water has a relaxing 1-Main-floor-Back-room-with-deck-vieweffect on the mind and body, and Skaneateles Lake has more water between its shores than any other Finger Lake. This means you’ll be able to get the most out of your time there.

Frozen View
On rare occasions, Skaneateles Lake freezes solid and becomes even more of a winter wonderland to its admirers. The frozen lake is covered in a glistening sheet of white ice and usually a thin layer of snow. But this freezing is so unpredictable that there’s no guarantee you’ll see it in a completely frozen state. Conditions must be just right to create a freezing effect such as the one Oneida Lake experiences regularly.

Evening Lake View
Evenings transform Skaneateles Lake into a colorful glistening panorama and you’ll see a mixture of soft colors such as pink, yellow, orange and purple. Watch the colors dance, change and finally fade away as darkness envelopes the lake. You can watch this natural light show repeatedly and never see the same thing twice.
Looking for places to stay in the Finger Lakes this winter season? Check out these warm and cozy luxury vacation homes offering you magnificent views of Skaneateles Lake.

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