Spend the Weekend Exploring the Charlie Major Nature Park

While enjoying all the comforts at one of the cozy Finger Lakes vacation rentals in the town of Skaneateles, put on your best walking shoes and head on out for a leisurely nature walk. The Charlie Major Nature Park is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. The popular park features a scenic walking trail that goes between Old Crow Road and the eastern side of Mill Road that is just north of Old Seneca Turnpike.

This historic path was originally created for the Skaneateles Short Line Railroad, which operated on a 3-mile Skaneateles Luxury Rentalsstretch between Skaneateles Junction and the town of Skaneateles. This railroad was in operation from September 1840 to July 1981. The rails are long since gone. In their place is a flat path that can be walked, run or biked.

While walking you can hear the babbling waters of Skaneateles Creek. The creek runs parallel to the trail. Skaneateles Lake feeds water into the creek. The water flows all the way to the Seneca River. There are a few bridges to cross and they each have their individual charm. There’s a couple of short wood and steel bridges that are pleasant to walk on. From one of the bridges you can look down and see a deep water hole.

Another charming aspect of this nature walk is seeing the remnants of life as it once was. You’ll see what’s left of the Lakeside Paper Mill and abandoned saw and gristmills. One part of the trail takes you to the site of an old woodworking factory. It stands as a lonely reminder of a simpler time when local communities bought goods made from local raw materials.

During warmer months you can bring along a bite to eat and relax at one of the picnic tables. If you would like to know more about the historical sites along the trail, stop in at the Mottville Post Office/Emporium and ask for a free map. The Jordan Street trail entrance is not well marked so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it.

This is the perfect place for a romantic stroll or to contemplate your place in the universe. For those with pooches staying with you at our Skaneateles lake rentals, bring your furry friend along (on a leash) and let them enjoy this marvelous nature path with you. Also, there is a small playground at the park for younger children. This peaceful place accommodates anyone. The trail is open all four seasons.

Bring along your camera or cell phone to snap shots to show family and friends. By the time you return to your Skaneateles rental you will be ready for a good meal.

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