Check Out the Changing Leaves With a Weekend Stay in the Finger Lakes

If you’re in the mood to really enjoy the splendor of fall, come to the Finger Lakes and feast your eyes upon the magnificent cornucopia of colors keuka-fall-landingimageoffered by our beautiful trees. It’s difficult to put into mere words what it feels like to stand here gazing up at the tree leaves while trying to count as many fall colors as possible. Traditional fall colors on each tree branch mingle in perfect harmony like a silent symphony. And, truthfully, the best way to experience this amazing autumn display is to come here in person and plan a weekend stay at a Finger Lakes vacation rental then stroll along the streets of a local village like Skaneateles. Only in person can you truly appreciate this annual event.

What makes the Finger Lakes so special during the fall season is the amount of trees and leaves that live within and around towns, cities and villages. There are still plenty of pristine natural areas here where trees have been flourishing for hundreds of years. When you come here and gaze at these magnificent specimens, just remember that they’ve been sitting here for many generations, going through their continuous seasonal transitions.

While many small towns like Skaneateles have disappeared with the passage of time, this cozy village looks much the same as it did 100 years ago. Sure, shops, homes and people have modernized, but the essence of the village remains the same. This means that locals and visitors alike can walk around enjoying the natural beauty of the fall season. We suggest you take some time to block out a whole weekend stay at a Skaneateles luxury rental home to indulge in some nature watching. You can leisurely lock arms with your partner and have a romantic stroll around the lake. Or, you can tour the village and surrounding areas, visiting historical places and serene parks.

We suggest that you consider staying at one of our gorgeous Skaneateles vacation rentals. It’s absolutely the best way to take a break and relax in an unhurried atmosphere. A vacation rental is like a home away from home. Instead of settling for a cramped hotel room, you’ll be in the lap of luxury as you lounge in the living room, eat a meal in the dining room or nap in your comfortable bedroom. Between enjoying the beautiful leaves, gazing at the lake, eating and shopping, you can hang out inside a contemporary condo or home that makes you feel right at home.

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