Ice Skating, Hot Chocolate and Roaring Fires the Finger Lakes Way

While you are admiring the view from your lakefront Skaneateles rentals home during a winter stay you may have a sudden urge to go ice skating. This idea may come about while gazing at the sheet of ice covering up the lake. It sure would be nice if people could go out onto the lake and skate. There certainly is tons of ice and the scenery is breathtaking. But, even if the lakes aren’t frozen enough when you take your trip there are plenty of alternatives.

So, what can you do to satisfy this skating urge?

Go to one of the local skating rinks.

Ice skating is a popular activity during the winter months in the Finger Lakes. Skating rinks are a safe way to have a lot of fun and get some exercise. Each rink has a schedule for open skate times when anyone can come in and enjoy the facilities. All skill levels are welcome. If you have not put on a pair of ice skates in a long time this is a chance to renew that old passion. If you want to try out skating for the first time go for it!

Cass Park Ice Rink, Ithaca, NY

The rink at Cass Park is always buzzing with activity. The ice rink is open 7 days a week, except holidays and special events. Individual and group rates are available. This is a very friendly atmosphere for both kids and adults at all skating levels. You can even have a birthday party here.

Clinton Square Ice Rink, Syracuse, NY

Just a short drive from any of our Skaneateles luxury rentals, the Clinton Square Ice Rink is a large rink that attracts thousands of skaters during the season. Be prepared for crowds at the most popular times. The rink is open 7 days a week, except holidays. They have skating specials for groups, family night and a lunch time skate. A parent must accompany kids under 18 after dark.

Greater Canandaigua Civic Center, Canandaigua, NY

The Greater Canandaigua Civic Center rink plays host to high school and professional hockey games. They have open skating hours for the public Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Skating time is limited.

J. M. McDonald Sports Complex Ice Arena, Cortland, NY

Our Finger Lakes vacation rentals are also close to the J.M. McDonald Sports Complex Ice Arena, this is a fun place to skate for all ages. Enjoy public skating on weekends. There is a Monday through Friday afternoon lunch skate. Have a blast skating to music on Friday nights at their Rock ‘n Roll skate. Adults must accompany kids.

Wind Down Afterwards

After you have skated to your heart’s content, return to the cozy digs of your Finger Lakes rental property and relax by the fire. Enjoy a warm mug of hot chocolate as you unwind and reminisce about the great time you had at the rink.

Contact us at Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals to plan your next winter vacation.

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