Forget the Hotel Room, Chose a Luxury Vacation Rental Instead

When you visit the Finger Lakes region, consider a luxury vacation rental in Skaneateles instead of a hotel room. You’ll enjoy the experience much more than staying in an impersonal hotel room for a variety of reasons.

Save Money

You may be surprised to learn that luxury vacation rentals in Skaneateles can save you money overpaying for a hotel room in a number of ways. The savings increases the longer you stay. By combining the cost of a home rental with other couples or family members, you can get a single, large home rental instead of each couple or family group having to get and pay for separate hotel rooms.

Prepare your own meals and snacks in your luxurious kitchen.

In a rental home, you also have a full kitchen where you can prepare your own meals when you like and stock the fridge with your own drinks and snacks. That means no mini bar fees and no paying a premium for room service when you want a late-night bite. You’ll also save money on hidden hotel fees such as premium movie channels or laundry services, all of which are included in our vacation rentals in Skaneateles, NY.

Feel More at Home

When you look at luxury vacation rentals in Skaneateles, you’ll quickly realize that you’ll feel more at home in a rental than in a sterile hotel room. There are lovely bedrooms with attractive décor, living spaces with thoughtful touches like area rugs, scatter pillows and throws for comfortable relaxing and spacious kitchens where the whole family can get together in the evenings. Being able to set your own mealtimes and throw in a load of laundry adds to the “at home” feel while being surrounded in luxury.

Enjoy the Space

There’s lots of space in every one of our vacation rentals in Skaneateles, NY. You and your friends and family can spread out, taking advantage of the square footage and storage space to make your rental seem like home. Each property also has a yard and either a deck or balcony (or both!) so you can unwind in the evening while enjoying a cool breeze and a lovely sunset. You won’t find that in a hotel. The added space also means added privacy, so you can have a barbeque, host a get-together or even do a bit of karaoke without worrying about disturbing the people in the next room.

Skaneateles Things to ee
The Skaneateles Historic Downtown area is a lovely space to stroll and window shop.

Immersive Experience

There are lots of places to stay in Skaneateles, NY, but not all of them offer an immersive Finger Lakes experience. With a luxury vacation rental, you’re staying on or near the water and within a short walk from Skaneateles, a lovely little village filled with charm and interesting activities. You can drop in at a local restaurant, stroll the streets of downtown or hike along the edge of the lake whenever you like. Dining, boating, shopping, wine tasting and fishing are all just moments away when you stay in one of our luxury rentals. There’s no better way to get a true taste of the Finger Lakes region than to actually live here, visiting local attractions, choosing your meal ingredients at the local farmers’ market and meeting the residents. You won’t find that at any hotel!

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