Cold weather fans, enjoy the Finger Lakes one more time before Springtime arrives

Eleven narrow, long lakes stretch across the Finger Lakes region amid gorgeous New York state scenery. Ebbing and flowing quietly with a crisp chill in the air that welcomes a quaint fireside chat, the lakes call at this time of year with an experience awaiting that is not to be passed up.

Skaneateles luxury vacation rentals in the heart of a beautiful environment and sophisticated culture complete the full picture of a trip worth every poised pause. Winter’s ending, spring has come. There is a fine window of cool weather and sprouting greenery that screams, “Take that vacation now.” Why not listen to it?

The Location of Your Next Best Memory

Finger Lakes vacation rentals are stretched around the northeastern United States’ own kind of wine country, with three distinct wine trails of numerous wineries. They are among key outdoor activities like golfing or taking fishing charters. They are in the hub of the main street surrounded by great shopping, food, music, and overall great culture. They can be secluded and the perfect place to disconnect and light the fire pit before days grow too warm. There are numerous attractions a short walking or driving distance away.

The Finger Lakes has been a hub for winter activities like downhill skiing, cross country skiing, tubing, and sledding. There’s a sliver of winter left before waiting for a full cycle of seasons to enjoy what you might have been missing out on this year.

Welcome Back

places to stay in the Finger Lakes If you are fortunate enough to not have missed out, then it’s the perfect time to visit one more time to finish checking off any seasonal activities on your to-do list. The apple orchards could be calling you back. Didn’t get a chance to cruise a lake or canal? Do it now.

You can visit each season, any time of year, and have a completely different experience each time.

The Best Homes for Best-Laid Plans

All these possible plans that await your soon-coming vacation if you do what’s great for you, don’t deserve a quick hotel stay. Why share your space? No; this sort of trip deserves luxurious and cozy home rentals. Have a whole place for you or you and your loved ones.

Among vacation rentals in Skaneateles available are:

  • Denman Cove, a 3 bed/3 bath home on the East side of Owasco Lake
  • Greenfield Lane, a 3 bed/2.5 bath home on the West side of Skaneateles Lake
  • Pine Bluff, a 4 bed/2.5 bath on the East side of Skaneateles Lake
  • Evans Lodge, a 6 bed/4.5 bath near the village
  • Hummingbird Manor, a 6 bed/6.5 bath near the village
  • There are several properties on Main Street as well varying from one- to three-bedrooms; some of which are pet-friendly

Each of these luxury rentals can suit a need and hold a unique charm. Booking a different home each trip can create separate experiences as you visit the Finger Lakes time and time again. Which will you choose before Spring?

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