Historical Harriet Tubman Home Offers Glimpse Into the Life of a Remarkable Woman

Historical Harriet Tubman Home Offers Glimpse Into the Life of a Remarkable Woman

Harriet Tubman is revered by people around the world as a legendary woman of fierce determination and courage during a difficult time in American history. Tubman, who was born into slavery circa 1822 in the state of Maryland, spent 30 years of her life in bondage. She escaped to freedom in 1849. However, she never forgot her fellow slaves left behind who continued to endure a life of hardship. Harriet felt strongly that God had given her a mission to go back and free as many slaves as she could, which is what she did, risking her own life and freedom every time she traveled back into the bowels of slave territory.

Harriet became a member of the famous Underground Railroad, a network of abolitionist who assisted slaves in escaping to the north and Canada. Harriet developed many tricks and secret codes that aided her in evading authorities while shepherding her precious human cargo along the treacherous path to freedom. Along the way, she earned the nickname “Moses” for her role as a conductor along the Underground Railroad.

During the Civil War, the Union recruited Harriet to create a network of spies among southern black men who would provide key information on Confederate activities. She quickly became an indispensable advisor to the Union Army. Tubman’s activities for the Union Army also included disrupting Confederate supply lines, which in turn, led to the freeing of hundreds of slaves. Her bravery during this era led abolitionist John Brown to call her “General Tubman.”

After the war, Harriet Tubman remarried and relocated to Auburn, NY and purchased a plot of land and home. There is a second home that also served as her residence, as well as, a refuge for elderly African Americans. In addition, Harriet being the justice-loving woman that she was became an outspoken supporter for Women’s Suffrage and other causes close to her heart.

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