Why Any Finger Lakes Vacation Should Start With A Fingerlakes Luxury Rental

While you are considering places to stay in the Finger Lakes during your visit here, you probably assume that a hotel is your only option as far as Luxury Penthouse rental in Skaneatelesroom accommodations. It’s a fact that hotels spend a lot of money luring visitors to their doors, touting how “luxurious” the rooms are while charging you for every little extra.

Maybe you’ve already looked at a few hotels and made tentative plans to stay at one. Before you pick up that phone to call hotel reservations, consider a totally different rooming option. What if you could rent a luxury home in the Finger Lakes for a few days that included spacious bedrooms, in addition to a living room, dining area and kitchen?

Would that be nicer than a hotel room?

You bet it is. That’s why many visitors coming to the Finger Lakes area on vacation are turning to Skaneateles luxury rentals instead of settling for the same old hotel accommodations. You know what it’s like staying in a hotel room. There are one or two beds, a dresser, maybe a tiny closet, and a bit of space for moving around. Sure, you may be on the go a lot during your stay, but you still have to come back to that dinky hotel room for relaxation and rest.

And, it’s going to cost you extra if you want a larger room, especially one with a nice view – if one is even available. Tack on room service extras and your luxury hotel room isn’t much of a bargain. To truly get the most “bang for your buck” it’s a better idea to spring for a real luxury place that feels just like home. As a matter of fact, luxury rentals are considered by many to be a home away from home. That’s because when you arrive, there’s no check in desk or rows of rooms filled with strangers.

When you rent out a Finger Lakes luxury home for your vacation you get to have the whole place to yourself for the duration of your stay. These comfortable accommodations give you the ultimate in privacy, which is a luxury in itself. Arrive at your rental home, close the door and kick back and do whatever you feel like. Skaneateles rentals include perks such as picturesque views, beautiful wood floors, plush furniture, fireplace and big screen TV.

You also have the option of cooking your own meals inside a modern kitchen, dining at home when the mood strikes. For people who love cooking this is ideal. Or, order take out and bring it back home. Some homes have wooden decks where you can sit outdoors and relax while gazing at the nearby lake.

A luxury home is just that – a place where you’ll feel cozy, warm and well rested. Best of all, you’re able to enjoy small town living, while still being relatively close to local cities and lots of fun events. So, get your vacation started out on the right foot and book a beautiful Finger Lakes vacation rental home today.

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