Fall is a Good Time to Visit a Finger Lakes Region Farmer’s Market

People that visit the Finger Lakes region are often surprised to learn that this area is blessed with an abundance of naturally grown fruits and vegetables. During the late summer and early fall, people plan trips to the Finger Skaneateles NY Vacation RentalsLakes region just to enjoy the wide variety of produce the region has to offer.  Everyone should spend some time at the local farmers markets and sample some of the fresh apples, grapes, corn, tomatoes, squash and other seasonal fall produce that is grown here by local farmers. Fresh off the farm food has a superior look and taste than the same items found at supermarkets.

A great way to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while tasting the amazing wholesome foods found at the farmers market is to spend some time relaxing in the area. Get started by finding comfortable Fingerlakes lodging accommodations for a few days or longer. Living in a setting that has a real kitchen and dining area is a perfect way to indulge in all of the wonderful fresh food, baked goods, apple cider and more.

If you have children, the farmers market is a welcome escape from the normal processed items that line the supermarket shelves. It is common for kids to grab for the sugary treats that tempt them on every grocery store aisle. However, a funny thing happens when you bring a child to the farmers market. They are often thrilled to discover how amazingly good fresh food can taste. At the market you’ll find crisp, sweet, delicious apples and baked apple treats that are superior to any manufactured sweet. Kids also get a chance to learn exactly where their food comes from.

Here are some great reasons to visit a Finger Lakes farmers market:

Fresh Produce Direct from Farmers:

A big reason why people love going to the farmers market is to have an opportunity to purchase fresh food that doesn’t have any artificial additives or preservatives. The food at the market is planted, grown and harvested by local farmers. These farmers put a lot of heart and soul into growing their crops and making it available to people from all over. Once you taste farm fresh items packed with wholesome goodness it will be hard to accept any alternative.

Save Money:

Buying fresh from the farmers market often provides more cost savings than purchasing from larger stores. Supermarkets have to factor in additional costs such as transportation and storage. At the farmers market you can buy seasonal foods for less and enjoy it at your leisure.

Enjoyable Experience:

Strolling through the farmers market is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. There is no need to feel rushed or stressed as you meander along looking at all sorts of goodies. The sellers are great people to meet and chat with. You may just learn a few things about life on the farm as well.

Here are just a few of the  Finger Lakes farmers markets:

Auburn Farmers Market

Canandaigua Farmers Market

Corning Farmers Market

Ithaca Farmers Market

To find out about these and other Finger Lakes attractions, visit our Fingerlakes Luxury Rentals website and then talk to our staff to schedule a luxury vacation stay in one of our Finger Lakes luxury vacation homes.

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