Mother’s Day is the Perfect Time for a Finger Lakes Vacation Rentals Getaway

Oh boy. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you are wondering what special gift or gesture would make that special mother in your life happy. menu2-EVENTSFinding just the right way to show your appreciation is not always an easy task. Moms often do so much and ask for so little in return. That is why she really deserves an extra special day where she can really get away from the daily stresses of life and relax.

A great way to show how much you love and appreciate mom is to give her the ultimate Finger Lakes vacation rentals getaway. This is easier to do than you may think. It’s a good thing that Mother’s Day happens in spring, because this is the time of year when nature begins blooming in earnest. There is nothing quite like escaping to a corner of the world where you are surrounded by chirping birds, blooming flowers and fresh spring sunshine and air. If you feel the mom in your life would benefit from a rejuvenating retreat for a few days, look into vacation rentals in the Finger Lakes.

Vacation rentals in the Finger Lakes region are always a big hit with moms this time of year. This type of rental is different than booking a hotel room. A standard hotel room simply cannot compare to the experience of staying in a home away from home setting of a vacation rental home. Surely, mom would rather go on a mini retreat at a scenic place where she can kick back, take in the view and do whatever she likes without feeling cramped. Essentially this type of luxurious getaway allows mom to rejuvenate her mind and body in a setting that mirrors home life.

Except, she will be far away from the constant demands on her. She will be staying in a Skaneateles rentals located in a small village tucked away in a Skaneateles NY Vacation Rentalspicturesque setting next to the shimmering Skaneateles Lake. The type of amenities she enjoys includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, as well as, additional amenities depending on which of the Skaneateles vacation rentals you choose for her.

Many of these comfortable homes or condos feature a fireplace with a cozy couch nearby where she can stretch out and read or catch up on her favorite TV shows. The homes next to the lake have large windows where she can gaze out at the amazing lakeside view and marvel at its natural beauty. Whenever she feels like it, she can go for a walk along the lakefront and take in the fresh air that you can only experience at a place like this.

Mom can choose to dine in or visit one of the delightful restaurants in town where she’ll be treated to delicious local dishes featuring local wines. There is a nearby theatre that features live Broadway shows and interesting plays. Charming Skaneateles makes the perfect getaway for mom whether it is for one day or several days.

Give mom a luxurious getaway for Mother’s Day by visiting Skaneateles vacation rentals. Rentals for this special day are going fast, so hurry and secure one today.

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